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JAN3 is a Bitcoin technology company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin and financial freedom around the world. We provide tools for individuals, enterprises, and nation-states to benefit from a free and open financial system based on Bitcoin.



Our company's name is inspired by the message left by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, in the Genesis Block: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks.” The inception of Bitcoin on January 3rd, 2009, signified the beginning of a new financial era. Now is our opportunity to act and establish a more equitable, transparent, and efficient economy based on a Bitcoin Standard.

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Samson Mow

Samson Mow is best known for his work with El Salvador’s Bitcoin initiatives and his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world. As one of the top executives in the Bitcoin ecosystem, his expertise spans from running one of the largest exchanges and mining pools when he was the COO of BTCC, to guiding the development and deployment of Bitcoin infrastructure as the CSO of Blockstream. A prominent Small-Blocker in the Block Size Wars, Samson fought to keep Bitcoin decentralized and prevent a potential takeover of the protocol. Now, he leads JAN3 as its Founder and CEO.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to Accelerate Hyperbitcoinization: the process by which the world operates on a Bitcoin Standard. By onboarding and aligning incentives with diverse actors, including nation-states, enterprises, and individuals, we can transition faster to a free and open financial system based on Bitcoin.

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The JAN3 team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds ranging from game development, to industrial vehicle manufacturing, to gourmet coffee, but we are united in our common goal of accelerating Bitcoin adoption. We're a distributed organization with team members on five continents. JAN3's culture is about efficiency and effectiveness: we pride ourselves on getting things done. We're always looking for hard-working and talented people to fill a variety of roles, so if you have something to offer, do reach out!

JAN3 CEO Samson Mow

Bitcoin philosopher and game developer with a degree in Business Administration. Samson is credited on the development of two of the most highly rated real-time strategy games of all time: “Dawn of War” and “Company of Heroes.” He is a frequent headline speaker at conferences and often provides television commentary on Bitcoin.

Chief Executive Officer

Samson Mow

JAN3 CMO Edwin Rivas

Salvadoran entrepreneur with a degree in Economics and Finance. Edwin was the first and only Salvadoran admitted to the Singularity University's Global Solutions Program. He is also the proprietor of Finca Campo Bello, a luxury hotel situated on top of a volcano, and Cráter Coffee, a gourmet coffee producer and cafe.

Chief Marketing Officer

Edwin Rivas

JAN3 CSO HRH Hereditary Prince Filip Karađorđević

Hereditary Prince of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Filip has a background in Finance and Macroeconomics, and has worked in asset management for nearly a decade. Filip believes in freedom and the new Renaissance that Bitcoin enables for Serbia and the world.

Chief Strategy Officer

HRH Prince Filip Karađorđević

Headshot of JAN3 Chief Business Officer Andrew Howard

Andrew first got involved with Bitcoin while serving active duty as a Recon Marine in 2017. Since then, his mission in life has been to spread Bitcoin adoption and therefore create a more free, prosperous, and peaceful world. He helps people all over the globe understand and invest in Bitcoin, from everyday investors to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and companies.

Chief Business Officer

Andrew Howard

Headshot of JAN3 Director of Finance Jonathan Zhang

Prior to joining JAN3, Jonathan was at Blockstream working alongside Samson Mow. With a strong background in Economics and a specialization in Finance, he is committed to aiding the initiatives that promote financial inclusion and empowerment with the ultimate goal of hyperbitcoinization.

Director of Finance

Jonathan Zhang

Headshot of JAN3 Director of Marketing Raúl Velásquez

Corporate attorney and copywriter with a keen passion for all things Bitcoin. Raúl gained over 10 years of experience practicing law before moving into the entertainment industry as an SEO expert, e-commerce and film writer, while also working on numerous Bitcoin projects.

Director of Marketing

Raúl Velásquez


JAN3 builds on Liquid and Lightning as our preferred Bitcoin Layer 2 stack. The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin sidechain facilitating smart contracts and asset issuance that went live in 2018 and has been operating flawlessly since. The Lightning Network is an incredibly fast and scalable network for micropayments that enables Bitcoin Circular Economies where people can earn and spend Bitcoin. By leveraging these two complementary technologies, JAN3 facilitates planetary scale Bitcoin transaction throughput.

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