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The all-new Aquanaut 2000 from JAN3
Apr 1, 2024

Introducing the Aquanaut 2000

We're very proud to announce the all-new Aquanaut 2000, the latest product from the team at JAN3. The Aquanaut 2000 is a fully-submersible custom watercraft for the discerning Bitcoiner and AQUA Wallet user. This dolphin-themed sub can dive, jump out of the water, and even do backflips! Based on the Seabreacher designs, we've taken things to the next level by adding twin Omega Turbines for improved diving and underwater maneuverability.


Every Bitcoiner needs an Aquanaut 2000

Powered by a supercharged 350hp J3 engine, the Aquanaut can seat 2 and reach speeds of 50 knots (93 km/h, 50 mph) on the surface and 21 knots (39 km/h, 24 mph) underwater.


  • Length: 211″ (5.35m)
  • Width: 42″ (1.06m)
  • Wingspan: 86″ (2.19m)
  • Height: 57″ (1.44m)
  • Weight: 2100lb (952kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 21 gallons (79L)

The Aquanaut's hull is constructed from fibreglass reinforced with adamantium for maximum durability. A new ballast system has been added to allow the Aquanaut to dive effortlessly. This superb piece of machinery also comes with external speakers to play dolphin clicks up to 220 decibels, just like a real dolphin.

Aquanaut 2000 Design Blueprints
Aquanaut 2000 Design Blueprints

Boating accidents are a thing of the past!

Lost your precious hardware wallet in a tragic boating accident? Well don't worry, the Aquanaut 2000 has you covered - at least to depths of 2100 meters! The Aquanaut represents a breakthrough in wallet recovery as it's a fully submersible watercraft with an optional robotic arm add-on - so you can retrieve your HWW from the ocean floor with ease. Equipped with a Blockstream Sonar Module, the Aquanaut is able to navigate the pitch black depths of the ocean without problems.

Make sure you don't exceed the 2100 meter limit or we'll hear of some tragic submarine accidents.

Visit the AQUA website today to pre-order yours!