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JAN3 Launches New Financial Division to Support Nation-State Bitcoin Acquisition Strategies

JAN3 Launches New Financial Division to Support Nation-State Bitcoin Acquisition Strategies

We are thrilled to announce the launch of JAN3 Financial. Our new division will initially provide support to nation-states and entities during this time of escalating global Bitcoin adoption, and will later offer additional Bitcoin related products

JAN3 Financial is designed to cater not only to nation-states but also to an array of entities, including public companies, municipalities, institutions, unions, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and high-net-worth individuals. Our new service will allow them to benefit from Bitcoin’s impressive performance, already at +140% year-to-date in 2023.

Nation-states and corporations need robust mechanisms for acquiring Bitcoin. We can offer them bespoke solutions to accumulate their Bitcoin treasury reserves (or 'stack sats', as we say). The JAN3 team’s expertise uniquely positions us to meet the distinct needs of our nation-state clientele, offering unmatched solutions concerning Bitcoin acquisition, custody, and the high-grade security they demand.

That is why we design and establish strategies, procedures, and systems, to ensure the longevity and security of a nation's treasury. Our seasoned team will walk them through every step, to make their Bitcoin adoption and financial fortification journey easier and more secure.

Beyond serving public entities, JAN3 Financial is also eager to engage customers in the private sector. This includes enterprises, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals, ensuring a wide range of clients can benefit from JAN3’s Bitcoin know-how to diversify into a new asset class.

Recently, we’ve been in contact with many notable figures that either own Bitcoin, or have told us that they want to start allocating into it. You may not always hear about these people buying Bitcoin on the news, precisely because they don’t always have an incentive to tell the world they’re buying. However, they do exist, it’s happening, and they are now putting their money into Bitcoin with the support of JAN3 Financial.

Alongside a comprehensive suite of consulting services, JAN3 Financial guarantees a seamless Bitcoin experience from start to finish. By embracing Bitcoin’s potential, nations and large entities can protect their wealth with a solution that’s tailored for their specific needs.

For more information please visit our JAN3 Financial page.