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JAN3 Representatives Elected to Liquid Governance Boards

JAN3 Representatives Elected to Liquid Governance Boards

Our CEO, Samson Mow, and JAN3's Advisor, Douglas Ewing, will both be part of the Liquid Federation's governance boards in 2023, where they will help oversee the Liquid Network's development.

Liquid's governance boards are chosen in accordance with the federated trust model outlined in the network's whitepaper, which dictates its governance practices.

Douglas's seat on the Membership Board will see him evaluting and admitting new federation members. Meanwhile, Samson will help oversee the Liquid Network's development roadmap from the Technology Board.

The Liquid Federation recently held its annual board election for governance, which is maintained by three separate boards with different responsibilities:

  • Membership Board: develops the criteria and recommendations for adding new members or removing current ones.
  • Oversight Board: recommend internal rules and process for committee structure and management, and oversee network status.
  • Technology Board: works with Blockstream to develop a technical roadmap based on the needs of Liquid Network members.

We want to congratulate all the new board members for their new roles and responsibilities and look forward to working together to make meaningful contributions to strengthen the Liquid and Bitcoin ecosystem.

Membership Board

Technology Board

Oversight Board

We look forward to another successful year for Liquid users, the Liquid Federation, and Bitcoin's second layer. If you or your business are interested in integrating Liquid or learning more about the advantages of becoming a member of the Liquid Federation, read the membership write-up available on the Liquid Build On L2 community.