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JAN3's Samson Mow and Prince Filip of Serbia meet in Costa Rica with Government Officials
Mar 27, 2023

JAN3's Samson Mow and Prince Filip of Serbia meet in Costa Rica with Government Officials

JAN3 CEO, Samson Mow, and Chief Strategy Officer, Prince Filip Karađorđević, traveled to Costa Rica to meet with representatives of the executive and legislative branches of the government and advise on their Crypto-asset Markets Bill, with the goal of helping to Costa Rica move to a Bitcoin Standard.

Samson and Filip were formally invited to the Assembly by Liberal Progressive Party deputy, Johana Obando, who is one the main proponents of the aforementioned legislation. For the occasion, Prince Filip was granted the honor to give a speech about Bitcoin, and he focused his address on how this technological breakthrough enables a new type of freedom both for individuals and countries.

However, Samson and Filip's trip's scope was multipartisan and they not only met with the Liberal party, whose values are often more aligned with the Bitcoin ethos (Liberal parties in Latin America), but also with representatives from the National Liberation, Social Democratic Progress, Social Christian Unity, New Republic, and Broad Front parties.

Prince Filip of Serbia and JAN3 CEO Samson Mow meet with the President of Costa Rica Legislative Assembly
Prince Filip and Samson Mow meet with the President of Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly

Following their visit to the legislative body, Samson and Filip took some time to meet with executives from ICE (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity), the country's state-owned electric company that has overseen Costa Rica's transformation into a regional powerhouse when it comes to renewable energy. During those meetings, JAN3's team learned about recent public-private partnerships that have made it possible for Eduardo Kopper's Data Center CR to mine Bitcoin using electrical potential that would otherwise be wasted.

It's precisely these types of opportunities that led Samson and Filip to visit Costa Rica in the first place, as the Central American nation has continuously ranked among the top places to do business in the region for several years. As Costa Rica is now producing a surplus of energy and has a clear plan to continue developing their hydro power sector, combined with the blossoming grassroots community in Bitcoin Jungle, it is clearly a place that Bitcoin investors must keep in mind for the future.

Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize finance and commerce, bringing inclusion and prosperity to individuals, businesses, and governments, but its importance commands the need to navigate it with experts, and there are probably few figures as respected globally on this topic than Samson Mow and Prince Filip.

Samson Mow, known for his work with El Salvador's numerous Bitcoin initiatives, has attracted hundreds of millions in investment to the country so far. Samson is also actively advising different heads of state, congressmen, and ministers to understand the public policy implications related to Bitcoin.

Prince Filip Karađorđević, on the other hand, engages with high-level stakeholders and oversees strategic initiatives to accelerate Bitcoin adoption by nation-states and individuals.