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Surf the Bitcoin Revolution with AQUA
Jan 4, 2024

Surf the Bitcoin Revolution with AQUA

JAN3’s Bitcoin and stablecoin wallet has officially launched to realize a vision that now seems clearer than ever: To become the go-to wallet for the next billion Bitcoin users worldwide by catering to their specific needs, without compromising on ease of use, convenience, and cutting-edge technology that still satisfies the demands of die-hard Bitcoiners.

When AQUA was first released back in 2020, the Bitcoin ecosystem was very different from what it is now. Not only have Layer 2 technologies like Liquid and Lightning grown substantially, but in many countries, the way people interact with Bitcoin has also changed. In struggling economies, stablecoins like Tether USDt are often what enable people to learn about Bitcoin

In the global south, Bitcoin is still too volatile and that concern is also something most folks have encountered when trying to orange pill strangers, their friends, coworkers, and relatives. The issue is simply the lack of reliable and easy-to-use software that unlocks all the liberties that Bitcoin brings, combined with the peace of mind that USDt gives those who cannot afford to weather volatility.

Exchanges are often where these types of users land first, though these last few years have shown that they cannot ever replace the freedom, privacy, and self-sovereignty of a proper Bitcoin wallet. That is why AQUA’s philosophy, through its Non-Custodial Core (NCC), is to provide all these tools right out of the box so that anyone can use Bitcoin at its fullest without a steep learning curve.

AQUA Bitcoin wallet app on Android phones with ocean water background
AQUA's non-custodial core gives users easy access to Bitcoin, USDt and Lightning

AQUA lets users send and receive Tether USDt, Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid digital assets effortlessly. All the complications associated with Lightning channels, peg-ins, other cryptocurrency chains, and asset swapping are streamlined, yet without sacrificing full control and custody of your keys.

This terminology, while familiar for Bitcoin veterans, can be off-putting for people who just want to escape inflation, endless currency exchange rates, and poor service from their local financial institutions. As our CEO Samson Mow puts it, “Our long-term vision is a wallet that helps users ‘leapfrog’ banking, much like users in Africa skipped landlines and went straight to mobile” — a Swiss army knife for money.

At launch, the Android version of AQUA will feature more functionalities and features than iOS. These include:

  • Send and receive regular on-chain Bitcoin.
  • Full Liquid Network support for sending L-BTC, Tether USDt, and additional Liquid assets.
  • Send and receive Bitcoin via Lightning.
  • Send or receive USDt from the main altcoin chains, such as Tron and Ethereum.
  • Native swaps between Layer 2 Bitcoin and USDt.
  • Swaps between Bitcoin mainchain and Layer 2. 
  • Buying Bitcoin directly from within AQUA with a variety of payment methods.
  • Bitcoin Chip scanning.
  • Importing legacy AQUA seed phrases.

The sheer ambition behind the AQUA model is precisely why our initial iOS offering will not be able to support some of these features. Apple’s App Store policies have become increasingly strict towards Bitcoin software, thus the iPhone version will not support Swaps nor the ability to buy Bitcoin from AQUA at launch.

Upcoming features for AQUA Bitcoin wallet app on Android phones with dark ocean water background
Upcoming features include paying for Lightning fees with USDt

Nevertheless, although we look forward to adding these features soon, we are confident that AQUA’s seamless Layer 2 experience and simplicity are robust enough to make it a desirable Bitcoin, USDt, and Lightning wallet. JAN3’s CMO, Edwin Rivas, believes “AQUA offers the best of both worlds, a non-custodial wallet with a streamlined Lightning experience.”

AQUA changes Bitcoin onboarding for good. It’s a wallet Joe or Paco can use to give people some sats, it’s a vehicle for cross-border USDt remittances, and it will be the first deep dive into the Liquid Network for many.In the coming weeks, JAN3’s developers will continue adding more highly demanded features and refining AQUA to perfection. Among the new additions to watch out for are:

  • The ability to pay USDt and Layer 2 Bitcoin send fees in USDt
  • LN-URLs
  • More on-ramp integrations
  • Bits and sats denominations
  • Dark mode
  • Support for more fiat currencies

At its heart, AQUA launches under the guiding principles of freedom, self-custody, user-friendliness, and empowering people to take control of their financial lives with Bitcoin. AQUA is a lifeboat for those who use USDt as a day-to-day necessity.

Surf the waves of freedom by downloading AQUA today!